Toledo Area Western Dance Leaders Association

Welcome to the Toledo Area Western Dance Leaders Associaton (TAWDLA) website!  Please check out the calendars.  New data has been added - if your club is incorrect, please let me know and provide a schedule so I can correct the details.   TAWDLA is an association of western square dance callers, round dance cuers, line dance and clogging instructors, and representatives from our area clubs formed to promote the enjoyment of western dance in the the Northwest Ohio and greater Toledo, Ohio areas, inlcuding some areas of Southeast Michigan.  In our efforts to promote our activity, we are providing on this site access to our Dance Calendars.  Please feel welcome to browse our site for information on western dancing in the area!

New Section:  Information related to the United Square Dancers of America Insurance Program has been added to the Website.  This page and related links contain the information packet data and the forms needed to add this important insurance coverage to your club.  Just use the Insurance link at the bottom of the page.

If you are NEW to our "western" dance styles, please check out our New Dancers page for information on how to join our fun, friendly, and healthy activity.  NEW DANCER WORKSHOPS  generally form in September, but can be started anytime we have enough people that want to learn our form of dance.  Check out the Club List page for a Club near you.  The Club contact will be able to help you get into a workshop.

TAWDLA News   Whenever we have anything that comes before the Association that we think should be generally made available, it will be posted to this page, with any necessary links.  The information on TAWDLA's Jack May Scholarship is also available on this page.

CLUBS:  It is time to get the calendars for on-line.  I have posted what information I have.  If I am missing your caller / cuer information a '?' appears in the calendar where this information should be.   Please send your schedule to me now!  Information not received is information that does not get out to your dancers and to those that might visit you.  I also need your workshop information.  Calls do come in about learning, but if your information is not here, the prospects do not know who to call. 

NOTE: to area clubs - be sure that we get your dance schedules and flyers as soon as possible for inclusion in our website!  You can e-mail your information to Anita at  Preferred formats are older versions of Microsoft Word (.doc) or Microsoft Excel (.xls) or any form of Portable Document Format (.pdf).  I can also accept for the website picture formats that are file extensions of .gif or .jpg, although these are less reliable than .pdf when inserting.  I can also utilize items in .htm or .html (website) formatting, so if the program you create your flyers on lets you save as a web page, I can accept that if it is e-mailed as an attachment.




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